John Galt

The One-Eyed One


John Galt is a cunning highwayman and bandit who plagues the roads just outside the city of Old Hisrech, Gernaris. He is known by a few different nicknames, most popularly the One-Eyed One. His banditry is a popular concern for many merchants in the Great Old City and many marks have been placed upon his head. In truth, he is just trying to get by and awaits a day when greater adventure is placed on the path before him.



John Galt is a man of average height, weight, build, and appearance. His most striking physical feature is the scar on his left eye, which does hinder his depth perception and accuracy when it comes to ranged combat. His hair is dark brown and shoulder length. He typically wears studded leather that is charred and dyed for a blackened appearance and a gray cloak.


An opportunist, through and through, John will do whatever is necessary to see that he comes out on top. He is often viewed as arrogant and brash, but will crumble when plans go awry. He works best with others because he knows the more people he has on his side the less he has against him. Also, the more people around him means less of a chance of him being a target for a bolt or blade. It’s not that he doesn’t value his companions, it’s just that he values his own life more.


John Galt has few he holds as close friends. Most of the people he associates with are not unlike him and look out for themselves. Despite the lone wolf mentality of his peers, John leads a small bandit group known as the Nameless Terrors of Hisrech Roads. John and others in the group will admit that the name of the band is a work in progress. John Galt’s closest friend and ally is a shady merchant in the southern streets of Old Hisrech named Otomus, who Galt fences his stolen wares to.


Early Years

John Galt was born Johanatan Alareiks Galtimaios, second son of the now-defunct Galtimaios House of Old Hisrech’s Nobility. As is the case with most second-born sons of the Nobility, John was to be trained in one of the many grand military schools of Gernaris. He was taught the art of the dueling blades by his father’s butler, a man named Alfraed Adalbrecht. He accepted Alfraed as more of a father figure than his actual father and learned great stories of the world outside his cloistered life as a noble from him. What he learned of war and battle he despised and wanted nothing to do with the military. Alfraed was relieved of his duties as teacher and butler when John asked to go to a non-military academy. His father believed in tradition and would not allow his son to break it. On his way to his first day at The Academy of Dragons, John escaped from his carriage into the streets. It was later learned that his father had been exiled from Gernaris because of his son and also because he bedded the wife of a fellow noble while his own wife lay ill with the Red Death, which she and her oldest son died of shortly after the father’s exile.


John Galt fell into league with a number of bandits after displaying a knack for the blade. He was taught the thieving ways by a number of different rogues, but mainly Otomus. After building a reputation for himself within the city, becoming a well-known cat-burglar, cut-purse, and filch in general, John took on a number of goons as his own retinue and started terrorizing trade routes outside the city limits. Because of his knowledge of the law, the magistrate and city guard can do nothing about his group. It becomes the jurisdiction of the Chivalry. Only a Knight Errant could arrest him and none have yet to quest out after him. Many merchants have placed a bounty on his head, so he rarely dwells around or near the Grand Bazaar or the Merchant Quarter of the city. His thugs and lackeys travel into the city and enforce his rule of the roads when necessary, muscling in on merchants who cause a fuss with the King or his Courts. As of yet, John and his group have yet to murder anyone, so the Knights Errant care little for this simple and, to them, petty thief.



The sword gifted to him by Alfraed on his eleventh birthday. It is a rapier of apparent Elven make, made of an impossibly light alloy of mithril and silver. Alfraed said the weapon and his own weapon, Greifer, were wrought as sister weapons by his father’s father.

John Galt

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