Rhock Blazehatchet

The Champion


Rhock Blazehatchet Level 4 Skirmisher
Medium natural humanoid, dwarf avenger of Beldandar XP 350
Initiative + 3 Senses Perception + 11
HP 46; Bloodied 23
AC 20; Fortitude 15, Reflex 16, Will 17
Healing Surges 9 Surge Value 13
Action Points 1
Saves +5 vs. poison
Speed 5

Melee Battleaxe (standard; at-will) Weapon
+ 6 vs. AC; 1d10 + 2 damage.

Dwarven Resilience
Rhock uses his second wind action as a minor action instead of as a standard action.

Stand Your Ground
When an effect forces Rhock to move—through a pull, a push, or a slide—he can move 1 square less than the effect specifies.
In addition, when an attack would knock Rhock prone, he can make an immediate saving throw to avoid falling prone.

Alignment Lawful Good Languages Common, Dwarven
Skills Endurance + 11, Heal + 11, Perception + 11, Religion + 10
Str 10 (+2) Dex 10 (+2) Wis 19 (+6)
Con 14 (+4) Int 17 (+5) Cha 10 (+2)

Equipment backpack, battleaxe +2, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, hempen rope (50 ft.), rations (10), sunrods (2), waterskin
Feats Armor Proficiency (leather), Dwarven Weapon Training, Tribe of the Enduring Mountain
Region Scoria (Rhock can reroll any Nature check, but must keep the second result, even if it is worse.)

Class Features

<table width=”350”> <tr> <td>

Avenger Feature
Channel Divinity: Abjure Undead

</tr></td> </table> <table width=”350”> <tr> <td>Rhock’s unswerving faith in his deity empowers a nearby creature to resist a debilitating affliction. </table> <table width=”350”> <tr><td>Encounter Divine
Minor Action
burst 10
Channel Divinity: Rhock can use only one channel divinity power per encounter
Target: One creature in burst
Effect: The target makes a saving throw with a + 3 bonus.</tr></td></table>

<table width=”350”> <tr> <td>

Avenger Feature
Channel Divinity: Divine Guidance </tr></td> </table> <table width=”350”> <tr> <td>Rhock petitions Beldandar for the divine strength to lay low his enemies. </table> </tr></td> </table> <table width=”350”> <tr><td>Encounter Divine
Minor Action
Channel Divinity:* Rhock can use only one channel divinity power per encounter
Effect:* Rhock deals 1 extra damage on his next attack this turn.</tr></td></table>

<table width=”350”> <tr> <td>

Paladin Feature
Divine Challenge </tr></td> </table> <table width=”350”> <tr> <td>Rhock boldly confronts a nearby enemy, searing it with divine light if it ignores his challenge. </table> </tr></td> </table> <table width=”350”> <tr><td>At-Will Divine, Radiant
Minor Action
burst 5
Target: One creature in burst
Effect: Rhock marks the target. The target remains marked until Rhock uses this power against another target, or if he fails to engage the target (see below). A creature can be subject to only one mark at a time. A new mark supersedes a mark that was already in place. While the target is marked, it takes a –2 penalty to attack rolls for any attack that doesn’t include Rhock as a target.
Also, it takes 6 radiant damage the first time it makes an attack that doesn’t include Rhock as a target before the start of Rhock’s next turn.
On your turn, you must engage the target you challenged or challenge a different target. To engage the target, Rhock must either attack it or end his turn adjacent to it. If none of these events occur by the end of Rhock’s turn, the marked condition ends and he can’t use divine challenge on his next turn.
Rhock can use divine challenge once per turn.
Special: Even though this ability is called a challenge, it doesn’t rely on the intelligence or language ability of the target. It’s a magical compulsion that affects the creature’s behavior, regardless of the creature’s nature. Rhock can’t place a divine challenge on a creature that is already affected by Rhock’s or another character’s divine challenge.</tr></td></table>

<table width=”350”> <tr> <td>

Paladin Feature
Lay on Hands

</tr></td> </table> <table width=”350”> <tr> <td>Rhock’s divine touch instantly heals wounds. </table> </tr></td> </table> <table width=”350”> <tr><td>At-Will (Special) Diving, Healing
Rhock can use this power four times per day, but only once per round.
Minor Action
Target: One creature
Effect: Rhock spends a healing surge but regains no hit points. Instead, the target regains hit points as if it had spent a healing surge. Rhock must have at least one healing surge remaining to use this power.</tr></td></table>

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Rhock Blazehatchet

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