Demon Prince of Betrayal


Balberith Level 33 Solo Brute (Leader)
Gargantuan elemental humanoid (demon) XP 155,000
Initiative +22 Senses Perception +28; darkvision, low-light vision
Aura of Death (Necrotic) aura 20; enemies that enter or start their turns in the aura take 10 necrotic damage (20 necrotic damage while Balberith is bloodied).
The Dead Rise aura 6; enemies (including flying ones) treat the area within the aura as difficult terrain, and any dead creature within the aura at the start of Balberith’s turn (except those killed by the Nau’nogh) rises as an abyssal ghoul myrmidon (page 119 of the Monster Manual) to fight at Balberith’s command.
HP 1,525; Bloodied 762
AC 48; Fortitude 51, Reflex 46, Will 49
Immune disease, poison, necrotic; Resist 20 variable (3/encounter; see Monster Manual glossary)
Saving Throws +5
Speed 6, fly 10 (clumsy), teleport 6
Action Points 2

Melee Nau’nogh (standard; at-will) Necrotic, Weapon
Reach 4; +37 vs. AC; 2d12 + 12 damage plus 1d12 necrotic damage, and the target is weakened (save ends); see also master of undeath.

Melee Touch of Death (standard; recharge ) Necrotic
Reach 4; +33 vs. Fortitude; the target is reduced to 0 hit points (resistance or immunity to necrotic damage does not apply). Miss: The target takes necrotic damage equal to its bloodied value.

Feather Lash (immediate reaction, when an enemy moves or shifts into a square adjacent to Balberith; at-will)
+36 vs. AC; 2d8 + 12 damage, and the target is stunned until the end of Balberith’s next turn and takes ongoing 10 damage.

Necrotic Burst (standard; recharge ) Healing, Necrotic
Close burst 10; +38 vs. Fortitude; 2d12 + 12 necrotic damage, and all undead in the burst regain 20 hit points.

Master of Undeath
At the start of Balberith’s turn, any creature killed by the Nau’nogh that is still dead rises as a dread wraith (page 267) under Balberith’s command.

Alignment Chaotic evil Languages Abyssal, Common, telepathy 20
Skills Arcana +28, History +28, Intimidate +31, Religion +28
Str 35 (+28) Dex 22 (+22) Wis 25 (+23)
Con 33 (+27) Int 25 (+23) Cha 30 (+26)
Equipment Nau’nogh

Balberith’s Tactics
Those unfortunate enough to meet Balberith rarely survive the experience. The demon prince surrounds himself with undead guards and minions, and eagerly meets any challenge to battle. He likes to rend foes with the Nau’nogh and uses his master of undeath ability to make dread wraiths out of those he slays. Against a particularly troublesome foe, he uses touch of death. When an enemy moves into an adjacent square, the demon prince strikes with his razor sharp feathers. When surrounded by numerous foes, he spends an action point to use necrotic burst.


Balberith is the strongest prince of the Ave Goetia, the ruling body of demonic princes that holds power over the Infernal Realms bound by the Gates of Ashtar. He is called Bloodfeather, The Betrayer, The Fallen Herald, Lord of Ash, and Duke of Nerakon.


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