The Deceiver, King of Prevarication, The False Prince, Marquis of Omegadon, Shadowtongue


Vyz Level 26 Solo Skirmisher (Leader)
Medium elemental humanoid (demon) XP 45,000
Initiative +23 Senses Perception +26; darkvision
From All Sides aura 10; allied demons within the area may spend a move action, on their turn, to teleport a number of squares equal to their base speed or base fly speed (whichever is higher).
HP 1,205; Bloodied 602
AC 44; Fortitude 39, Reflex 42, Will 42
Resist 35 fire, 20 poison
Saving Throws +5
Speed 6, fly 6 (hover), teleport 6
Action Points 2

Melee Vyz’s Sting (standard; at-will) Poison, Necrotic
+31 vs. AC; 2d12 + 6 damage, and Vyz makes a secondary attack against the same target. Secondary Attack: +29 vs. Fortitude, ongoing 15 poison and necrotic damage and target is immobilized (save ends both).

MeleeShadow Rush (standard; at-will) Teleportation
Vyz makes a Vyz’s sting attack against a target and can teleport 2 squares after the attack. Vyz can then make another Vyz’s sting attack and teleport 2 squares after that attack. Then, an ally within 5 squares of Vyz’s final destination can make a melee basic attack and teleport 2 squares after its attack.

Umbral Cloud (move action; recharge ) Teleportation
Vyz teleports 10 squares, leaving an umbral cloud behind in a close burst 3, centered on the square he left; +29 vs. Fortitude; slowed (save ends). Any non-demon creature that begins its turn or moves into the cloud is subject to this attack. The cloud blocks line of sight for all creatures except you. Any creature except you entirely within the cloud is blinded. The cloud lasts until the end of Vyz’s next turn, but he may dismiss it as a free action.

Fiendish Escape (immediate reaction, when first bloodied; encounter)
Vyz’s brimstone cloud recharges automatically, and he uses it immediately.

Vanish (standard; at-will) Illusion
Vyz becomes invisible until he attacks. (If Vyz is mounted, he can apply this ability to his mount as well.)

Fiendish Telesthesia
Vyz can read the minds of any allied demon of lower level within 20 squares of him. Any place such a demon can see is considered within line of sight for Vyz’s teleportation.

Change Shape (minor; at-will) Polymorph
Vyz can alter his physical form to appear as any Small or Medium humanoid, including a unique individual (see Change Shape, page 280 in the Monster Manual). The human form described above is his favored shape, and best known to his covens, but he assumes whatever shape is appropriate to the circumstances.

Sneak Attack
Once per round, Vyz gains +4d8 damage when she has combat advantage.

Alignment Chaotic Evil Languages Abyssal, Common, telepathy 20
Skills Arcana +28, Bluff +28, Diplomacy +28, Insight +26, Perception +26
Str 22 (+19) Dex 27 (+21) Wis 26 (+21)
Con 25 (+20) Int 30 (+23) Cha 30 (+23)

Vyz’s Tactics


Vyz’des’teshnan (also known as: Vyz, Samuel, Lord of the Mirror that Smokes), was a tiefling master thief and spy in his life that eventually was overtaken by his demonic blood and was transformed into a being of pure vitriol.


Vyz was born to Dira, an unmarried human daughter of a noblewoman of Deut, who died while giving birth. He was considered an abomination by the family, a bastard demon child, but his aunt Kizu took him in out of familial obligation. Kizu considered him to be nothing more than a forced mistake and a burden, beating him relentlessly for every transgression. Her abuse fed the dark fire burning inside of him, until his half-demon lineage was revealed to him as his furious Aunt threw him out of the house.

The Streets

Vyz survived on the streets by picking pockets and breaking into homes, discovering his natural aptitude for stealth and stealing. As is inevitably the case for a thief picking off whatever they could, he eventually stole from the wrong man. After breaking into an unusually lavishly furnished small home and snatching a great deal of gold and an amulet, he discovered a note stuck to the inside of the door of his inn room by dagger.

The possibility of simply ignoring the note crossed his mine, but he had little doubt that any one who could sneak into his room past his alarms and leave the note without waking him could certainly do much, much worse. With that sobering thought in mind, Vyz did as the note demanded, finding the small shack was a front for a massive underground complex housing Jack’s Guild.

After Vyz revealed the amulet was indeed in his possession, Jack motioned for one of the doormen to get rid of him. Vyz used one of his recently discovered innate talents to conjure a globe of darkness around himself and dispatch the ambusher, taking advantage of his ability to fight blind while his assailant fumbled around helplessly. Following the quick skirmish, Jack quickly recruited Vyz, who clearly had the potential to rise above common pick pocket.

You May Have Promise Yet…

Vyz spent months training and toiling within the guild, enjoying its protection, until Jack came calling with a special mission. To ensure his success, Vyz was given the Thieves’ Tools of Ramenon before being sent off to a merchant’s mansion to retrieve a figurine.

Dodging guards and climbing up and around the outside of the building, Vyz cut a large hole in one of the glass windows of the mansion and slipped inside. He drew the vault’s guards away with a distraction, picked the lock, and slipped inside. He retrieved the onyx raven figurine he was sent to recover and quickly made his way to his escape position.

The guards were infinitely more alert after the initial distraction, leaving Vyz with no hope of distracting them once again to ensure his escape. He once again called upon his natural ability to summon a globe of darkness and tumbled past them, spilling caltrps behind him. With the caltrops preventing the guards from persuing him, Vyz made a daring rooftop escape to safety and returned to Jack—and to a unique job offer.

The Spy

Vyz was positioned to join an adventuring group, which found itself meddling with Jack’s affairs. He took up the cover identity of Samuel Leobald, a cartographer. It took a great deal of make-up and minor illusions, but Vyz managed to hide his half-demon side and appeared completely human.

As the group progressed, Vyz fed their plans and weaknesses to Jack, foiling them at every turn, while he kept up the appearance of helping the group persue its objective. Despite the fact that they were constantly foiled when it came to Jack, none of the group ever suspected the presence of a spy in their midst. Through pure, unavoidable dumb luck, he was discovered when the entire group was arrested by happenstance after months of traveling.

A Spy Once Revealed is a Spy Unanticipated

He was immediately punished, magically sworn to no longer betray the group and serve Jack; however, Jack was no mere man and removed the previously thought unremovable magic. Because the rest of the adventurers did not believe the spell could be undone, they never entertained the idea that he could continue to sabotage them. He was the perfect spy.

The Demon Unleashed

As time went on, Vyz began to succumb more and more to his demonic half, slowly twisting the new group of adventurers he had surrounded himself with into his own evil pawns. This new journey led him to meet face to face with the demon that had raped his mother—his father.

Being in the immediate proximity of the demon that had sired him, the demonic half that had slowly overtaken soul was unleashed, taking over his body as well. To overcome this obstacle, he procured a ring of great magic to twist his body back into a humanoid shape for his cover identity.

A Silver Tongue

Vyz’s glibness and ability to improvise is legendary. Myth has it that Vyz once convinced a gnome that it was really a dragon. Vyz took it as a point of personal pride that he could make any person believe any lie at any time, and it was that very ability that saved him from being revealed dozens of times.

Demon Lord

After a time traveling with his demonic half unveiled, Vyz was finally overtaken by it and, with the sacrifice of his so-called friends, traveled to the very heart of his race’s origin – The Thirteen Gates of Ashtar. Once there, he was confronted by Daisthai, Gate Guardian of the Thirteen.

Vyz, after a time speaking to the Guardian, convinced him that he was in fact the Demon Lord of Tezcatlopoca. Despite bluffing the entire story, there was a little truth to it and so he was allowed entrance into the realm. It was here he confronted the Old Lord of Tezcatlopoca, Dantalion, and convinced his elite guard to turn on him and slay him.

It was thus that Vyz became Lord of the Mirror that Smokes and a self-proclaimed Demon Prince.

The War of the Princes

Shortly after his ascension, Vyz and the other seven Demon Princes waged war amongst themselves, a number of the older Princes seeking to dethrone the Thirteenth, the Arch-Devil Diabolas. Vyz was seen as weak, but presented no clear intent on siding with the dissenters or those who fought for the Arch-Devil. Instead, Vyz fled Tezcatlopoca and entered into the mind of a grotesque being manipulated by the evil minds on the Material Plane. The being was known as Grum’nar and Vyz fashioned him to be a creature capable of slaying anything, even a Demon Prince.

Vyz re-entered the conflict amongst the Demon Princes and used Grum’nar to slay the most powerful of those opposed to the Arch-Devil. He gained a close enough position to betray him by offering false allegiances and sacrificing things that were of worth to him, such as one of Grum’nar’s companions. The Arch-Devil rewarded Vyz with the realm of Omegadon, most splendid and vast of the Infernal Realms. Grum’nar, being part demon himself, was granted the status of Prince and reign over Vyz’s former plane of Tezcatlopoca.


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