Demon Princess of Despite


Anaslain Level 28 Solo Skirmisher
Large elemental humanoid (demon) XP 65,000
Initiative +24 Senses Perception +22; darkvision, low-light vision
Whirling Blades aura 2; when an enemy moves into or begins its turn in the aura, it takes 10 damage.
HP 1,290; Bloodied 645
Regeneration 10
AC 46; Fortitude 44, Reflex 46, Will 42
Immune disease, poison; Resist 20 variable (3/encounter); see Monster Manual glossary
Saving Throws +5
Speed 8
Action Points 2

Melee Scourge (standard; at-will) Weapon
Reach 2; +32 vs. AC; 2d8 + 10 damage, and the target is immobilized (save ends). Aftereffect: 15 damage.

Melee Snakebite (minor; at-will against a target hit by one of Anaslain’s melee basic attack)
Reach 2; +32 vs. AC; 1d8 + 10 damage, and ongoing 5 poison damage (save ends).

Shroud of Steel (standard, at-will) Weapon
Anaslain makes two melee basic attacks and uses her other weapons to parry incoming attacks, gaining a +4 bonus (+1 per weapon not used in this attack) to AC until the start of her next turn.

Crushing Grasp (minor; recharge ) Force
Area burst 2 within 20; +36 vs. Reflex; 3d10 + 10 force damage, and the target is immobilized until the end of Anaslain’s next turn. Miss: Half damage and the target is pushed up to 10 squares.

Weapon Dance (standard, recharges when first bloodied) Weapon
Anaslain makes six Scourge attacks. Each time she hits, Anaslain shifts 1 square.

Fiendish Charger
If Anaslain moves at least 3 squares from where he began his turn, her attacks deal an extra 3d6 damage.

Threatening Reach
Requires Scourge; Anaslain can make opportunity attacks against all creature within her reach (2 squares). She has no limit to the number of opportunity attacks she can make a turn.

Teleport (move; recharge ) Teleportation
Anaslain teleports up to 12 squares.

Alignment Chaotic evil Languages Abyssal, Common
Skills Athletics +29, Insight +22, Intimidate +24, Nature +22, Stealth +27
Str 31 (+24) Dex 26 (+22) Wis 16 (+17)
Con 26 (+22) Int 21 (+19) Cha 21 (+19)
Equipment The Six Scourges, piecemeal armor

Anaslain’s Tactics


Anaslain is known as the Queen of Blades, Mistress of Despite, the Serpent Princess, and The Scourge.


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