Valas Khila

The Aspirant


Valas Khila Level 1 Controller
Medium fey humanoid, eladrin wizard XP 200
Initiative +1 Senses Perception +6
HP 52; Bloodied 26
AC 23; Fortitude 15, Reflex 15, Will 17
Healing Surges 12 Surge Value 13
Action Points 1
Resist fire 5, necrotic 5 Saves +5 vs. poison
Speed 5

Ranged Magic Missle (standard; at-will) Arcane, Force, Implement
Ranged 20; +5 vs. Reflex; 2d4 + 5 damage.

Alignment Good Languages Common, Elven
Str 12 (+3) Dex 8 (+1) Wis 18 (+6)
Con 15 (+4) Int 10 (+2) Cha 17 (+5)

Feats Extended Spellbook
Region Varhuine

Racial Powers

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Magic Items

Rhock’s Tactics


Valas Khila is a member of House Khila of the nation of Varhuine. As such, he has lead a privileged life. He attends the Saverius Academy of Wizardry, where dear friends of the Khila favor him over less fortunate students. Despite all this, Valas has never let his good fortune and hereditary station go to his head. He is the epitome of calm and a skilled diplomat if given the option. As someone befitting his position, it is his duty to protect those unable to protect themselves. One of his greatest teachers is his great uncle Drison who has helped mold him into the high elf he is today.

Valas was granted an important mission during his second decade of schooling. His instructor, Kaysÿn Helyanwë, sent him to the nation of Gernaris to find a young student named Olwë. Valas was a peer of Olwë, who was the first born son of Kaysÿn. It was Valas’ mission to seek out Olwë and aid him in his given mission, which was defined as an acquisition of a sacred relic, a scroll, from a local trader in the nation of the Dynast.

Valas arrived in Gernaris in the city of Grayport, but got extremely lucky and tagged along with a caravan headed north for Great Rock. Word in the city of Grayport was that an eladrin matching Olwë’s description left for the north on the King’s Road some two months ago. It was said that he and a handful of others left that city in quite a ruckus, being chased by the City Watch.

Valas Khila

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