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Heathen pt. II
Sense of Wonder pt. II and the Murders of Grayport

2 weeks prior to the day, Yesol Acidtongue arrived in Greyport on a boat from Seosaidh. Yesol was well-schooled in the art of war, and is one of the many sons in the great Acidtongue heritage. Yesol traveled to Greyport in search of glory and adventure. His early encounters proved to be very unfortunate. Most of the humanoids in the port district shunned the well-to-do dragonborn. They were very rude, sometimes violent. On one occasion, he was even mugged. Yesol finally managed to find some kinder folk in the market district of Greyport. He took up residence in the Gentle Moon Tavern and Inn. Yesol caught wind of this “Great Guild” taking a new foothold in the city. Further inquiries of this “guild” lead Yesol to learn many of the guild’s exploits and adventuers. He heard they were the driving force behind the victory at Sinruth’s Mountain. He heard tales of the guild slaying mighty dragons and cashing in on their corpses. More than one dragon, for sure. Intrigued, he met up with some of the guild’s members in the GMT. He began to help in the reconstruction process of the sister’s temple.

2 or 3 days before-hand Glimnock Klemwocket accidentally summoned a guild party to the Gentle Moon Tavern. Glimnock claimed, truthfully, that he cast a ritual which was meant to summon Dimsmen to his aid. Instead, the party was summoned. Glimnock was under attack by a group of pirates lead by “The Big Man.” The party successfully dealt with the pirates. Glimnock informed them that he was looking for a lost temple of Dim in a chain of islands not far from Greyport. The party was uninterested in the gnome’s story, and they were quite frustrated at the happening. They payed the gnome no mind, and went their own way.

Meanwhile, atop the Gentle Moon Tavern and Inn, Marcus ((Lastnameasauras)) was lead into a trap by his once trusted companion, Asuka ((Lastnamealopalous)). He was ambushed by a group of ((4?)) Crovan and knocked unconcious. Asuka and the Crovan gang assumed Marcus to be dead as he plummeted from the rooftop onto the group, just outside of the barfight. ((This whole paragraph is subject to your edit))

Day of

((Dieter’s character)) and ((Choate’s character)) arrived on a boat from ((HAPPY PLACE)). The two were brothers, on a pilgrimage to the Northen Forest to ((GAYSEX)). After securing rooms at the GMT, they befriended a dwarf by the name of Muldor Earthfriend. After a deep discussion of the ((Witwievan)), and a deep explanation of the dangers Genaris’ wild has to offer, the two were inducted into the guild by Muldor, himself. Seeing an opportunity to better their own knowledge of Genaris, as well as possible allies in their journey to the Northern Forest, the two wild elves accepted the invitation. Muldor then parted ways with the two in order to go on his own adventure with his good friend Rhock Blazehatchet, but not before introducing the two to Mag—- William the Wise.

Glimnock Klemwocket entered the tavern in the early morning the next day. Desperately, Glimnock plead to the adventurers to help him in his quest to find this lost temple of Dim. Marcus ((Lastnameasaurus)), Yesol Acidtongue, Kelgar Dwarfslasher, ((Dieter)), and ((Choate)) agreed to help the gnome as long as they got to keep any unimportant treasures the temple may hold.

At noon, the group traveled down to the docks in search of a boat. The docks were mostly filled with pirates and the normal scoundrels. The party approached one boat in particular, which happened to be the largest boat on the dock in that moment. After one of the pirates spotted the gnome, he went back to inform his captain of the party. The captain stepped out and immediately recognized Glimnock as the same gnome that summoned a party to kill his brother, “The Big Man.” Epic battle ensued, which ended in lots of dead pirates and a sunken pirate ship.

Soon thereafter, the adventurers were fortunate enough to come across a drunken old pirate, Inder Kloom, who was commonly referred to as “Leadbottom” because, they say, any time he sits in a captain’s seat the boat sinks.

After helping Inder Kloom fix his ship, The Singing Star, and also helping Glimnock decipher an ancient geographical map of the ((island chain)) Islands, the party sailed out.

They found the temple, they whooped some ass, they got some loot. Thanks to Kelgar, Glimnock was able to salvage one wrecked Dimsmen as well as a few automatons.

Inder Kloom safely transported the party back to Greyport. On their way down the docks, back towards the tavern, ((Dieter’s Character)) spotted a hooded man glaring at the party. ((Dieter’s Character)) approached the hooded man, but the man ran. Literally. ((Dieter’s Character)) gave chase, but the man avoided the swift elf. He seeemd to know the city rather well.

Later in the evening, the party enjoyed drinks and festivities along with some more members of the guild as well as the sisters, themselves. Marcus flirted heavily with the three women, who weren’t particularly complaining about the attention. One in particular, ((Twilight)), often times would return the favor. <<brownchicken>> By midnight, every single patron in the GMT was completely and utterly sloshed – Marcus, included.

Sometime during the meal, Marcus was tapped on the shoulder. When he turned to see what the cause was, he spotted the same cloaked man from earlier holding a sling outside of the tavern window. Marcus’ first instinct was to stand up, tackle the dude, and give him a good whallop. The man gestured with his hand for Marcus to come outside. He then put his finger up to his lips, giving him the “shush” sign! In his other hand, he revealed a black feather. A Crovan feather.

Marcus excused himself from the table, claiming he had to “piss”. He stepped outside and approached the man. The man introduces himself as Donovan Voldew, a local captain of The Watch. “No doubt you are aware of the corruption within these city walls. It runs deeper than you could ever imagine. However, I am here to tell you that not every one of us share the same foul morale. I have observed your “guild’s” expeditions in our city, and I would like to personally thank your doings.” Donovan then hands a sack of 50gp to Marcus along with a parchment. Marcus reads the parchment, it is an address. “There is something I would like you to deal with, personally. A group of such corrupted members of the watch will be meeting with some bandits from one or more local gangs at this location tomorrow at noon. I would like you to help me take one step further in weeding out the evil in Greyport. Please go, and deal with these scoundrels however you see fit. The property runs along the beach, and is quite isolated. There is atleast an acre, maybe two between the house and it’s closest neighbor. I would deal with these assholes myself, but I must keep face. If one were to escape my grasp and inform the higher-ups of my treachery my mission will come to an end.” Donovan begins to walk away as Marcus is left with one question on the tip of his tongue. Before given the chance to ask, Donvan turns back around. “Oh, and here..” Donovan tosses the Crovan feather at Marcus, the feather glides over to Marcus who snatches it out of mid-air “if you haven’t been given enough incentive, I think there is a little something extra in it for you, Marcus ((lastnameasaurus)). DONOVAN DISAPPEARS INTO THE NIGHT! BWAM BWAM BAAAM!

Yesol, who has spent the past 2 weeks up and down the city streets, claims he can lead the party directly to the address. The next morning, they head off!

The party approaches the house, which is indeed a good two acres away from the next house. It seems this part of the town is a recent expansion of land, and is still in construction. They approach the building to find a small halfling guard asleep in a wooden chair near the door. ((Dieter’s character)) silently scouts around the house. He discovers, through the dining room window, 3 members of the watch engaged in conversation with 3 bandit-looking fellows in the dining room. He also sees one guard asleep in one of the rooms. ((Dieter’s character)) sneaks into the room with the sleeping bandit, and quickly does away with him. He goes back to the dining room window and sees that one of the bandits is missing from the conversation, and a door at the far end of the room sits, ajar. Beyond the door is a stairway leading down. ((Dieter’s character)) overhears some of the conversation. Most of it makes no sense to ((Dieter)), but he does hear the Watch guards exclaim their distaste for this new-found “guild” that has entered their city.

((Dieter)) reports his findings back to the party, who launch an attack through the front door of the house. One more bandit escapes down the stairs after being told to “go warn Kralos”. Everything else dies! (except the PCs, ofcourse)

The party ventures down into the basement of the building, where they are greeted by a Crovan by the name of Kralos Darkfeather. Marcus immediately recognizes this bird creature as one of the ones that attacked him along-side Asuka. The battle ensues, and eventually all the bad guys die. The party takes the Crovan hostage, and Marcus is left alone to interrogate him as he pleases.

Later that night, Marcus is again confronted by Donovan who thanks him for his deed and asks for him to pass the word along. He asks Marcus to leave out details like his name or what he looks like, in order to protect himself. “You have won my favor, and I consider you to be a great ally. I will keep both an eye and an ear out for you on this “Asuka” business, my friend. See you around.”

Heathen pt. I

The events of this segment take place between Matun 10 and Matun 12 in the year 1583 AR (Timeline).

Elder Wisdom and Sense of Wonder pt. I

The events of this segment take place between Matun 4 and Matun 8 in the year 1583 AR (Timeline).


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