The Unending Spiral

The Unending Spiral is an umbrella term used to describe all the planes that surround the Material Plane of E’yané. This cosmologic cluster is so named due to scholars’ inability to tell what lies beyond the Shadowfell and the assumption (or hope) that more exists beyond the formless void known as the Umbra, which sits as an apparent end to the constantly swirling reality.

The Material

Aalican E’yané The Moon The Sun Kasmácalau

The Transitive

The Astral Sea

Ethereal Plane

The Feywild

The Shadowfell The Umbra The Darghian Rift

The Inner

The Elemental Chaos

The Elemental Sphere of Air

The Elemental Sphere of Earth

The Elemental Sphere of Fire

The Elemental Sphere of Water

The Negative Energy Sphere

The Positive Energy Sphere

The Outer

Anguta Arcania Avernus Bhardha Elkos Esenkigal Helan Izzurat Kshaya Nau’nabja Nekasrof Nsi Omeggidon Talainá Tezcatlopoca Tuat Viru’nogh Yo

Pocket Realities

Somewhere Else Thie Sheaynt

The Unending Spiral

This Mind of Mine Nalan