Lawful Good Greater God

Gender: Male
Sphere: Law
Dominion: ?
Priests: -
Adjective: Atavian
Pantheon: The Vitas

Atavius is the God of principle, radiance, justice, order, and honor. He is the chief deity of good amongst Vitas, a pantheon derived from human beliefs and one of the most popular religions in E’yané. He is known as the Even-Handed God, The Straightest Arrow, and many other names. It was the avatar of Atavius who presided over the creation of the Covenant of the Ascended. Clerics and paladins are found of Atavius for the code he represents and the nobility in the worship. He commands his followers thus:
Truth and honor in all that you do.
Be vigilant against that which would corrupt or prey on the innocent.
Protect those who cannot protect themselves, fight against injustice, defend law and order.

Atavius’ Judgment [Divinity]

Heroic Tier
Channel Divinity class feature, must worship Atavius
Benefit: You can invoke the power of your deity to use Atavius’ judgment.

Atavius’ Judgement

Your radiant powers burn with the fury of the noontime sun.
Encounter Divine, Radiant
Free Action Personal
You hit an enemy with a power with the radiant keyword
Effect: Your power deals an extra 1d10 radiant damage to all targets hit by the power used.
Special: You must take the Atavius’ Judgement feat to use this power.
Prerequisite: Channel Divinity, Atavius’ Judgement feat

This feat was first published in the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide as Power of Amaunator. It has been altered for use in this Campaign Setting. All rights reserved to Wizards of the Coast.


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