Dim is a fey god and is the patron of the smaller creatures throughout the world. He is represented as a solid black circle, symbolizing mystery and the unknown. He is often associated with chance and possibility. Dim is diametrically opposed by Undim, a god of arrogance that boasts knowledge and power over everything. In no way does this mean his followers and priests are uneducated, though. It simply shows that the tenets of Dim are to know humility, to understand that not every single thing can be controlled. In general, his followers are rogues or fighters hoping to curry his favor.
Better lucky than dead.
The only sure thing is there’s never a sure thing.
If you can’t beat them, run. If you can’t run, pray to Dim.

Dim’s Smile [Divinity]

Heroic Tier
Channel Divinity class feature, must worship Dim
Benefit: You can invoke the power of your deity to use Dim’s smile.

Dim’s Smile

Dim smiles upon you and helps you rescue a friend in need…or get out of a situation at the expense of that friend.
Encounter Divine
Move Action Melee
Target: One ally
Effect: Shift into the space of an adjacent ally; that ally simultaneously shifts into your space. Your space and your ally’s space must be the same size.
Special: You must take the Dim’s Smile feat to use this power.
Prerequisite: Channel Divinity, Dim’s Smile feat

This feat was first published in the Player’s Handbook as Avandra’s Rescue. It has been altered for use in this Campaign Setting. All rights reserved to Wizards of the Coast.


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