The god of time, king of the Fey, the wandering god, father of the eladrin, grandfather of elves. This mysterious entity is recognized as the mightiest being in the Feywild. He is considered by many beings of fey origin as the Creator of All Things and the master of time and fate. He is also seen as a pure being, so things that are corrupt or aberrant are typically loathed by his followers. Those who worship him are most commonly of fey blood, but he is also popular amongst historians and wizards. Some adventurers will say a prayer to Varhuine at the onset of a battle in hopes that fate sides with them that day.
Every action you take is an expression of your true self.
Explore the world in search of the wonders and magic within.
Destroy the abominations of nature and the Feywild. Never trust the unclean. Never trust an orc.

Varhuine’s Grace [Divinity]

Heroic Tier
Channel Divinity class feature, must worship Varhuine
Benefit: You can invoke the power of your deity to use Varhuine’s grace.

Varhuine’s Grace

Varhuine’s power over time and fate allow you to move when others take action.
Encounter Divine
Immediate Interrupt Personal
A creature within 10 squares of you spends an action point to take an extra action.
Effect: You take a move action.
Special: You must take the Varhuine’s Grace feat to use this power.
Prerequisite: Channel Divinity, Varhuine’s Grace feat

This feat was first published in the Player’s Handbook as Corellon’s Grace. It has been altered for use in this Campaign Setting. All rights reserved to Wizards of the Coast.


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